Acupuncture Honolulu

Because they work by restoring balance to the body acupuncture and Oriental Medicine have a rich history of treating more than 100 different conditions. Chinese medical history has more than 2000 years of written clinical knowledge, the oldest of which dates to the Shang Dynasty era (1600-1046 BC). The first clearly written medical text was the Yellow Emperor's Internal Cannon (Huangdi Neijīng) which was a multi-volume treatise that indicated acupuncture and moxibustion to restore healthy by balancing the yin, yang, and five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water). Chinese herbal medicine was codified later and was based upon dozens of publications by ancient physicians. Perhaps the most important work in Chinese herbal medicine was the The Bencao Gengmu written during the Ming dyanasty (1368-1644AD) by Ling Shenzen. Unlike the Greek library of Alexandria, most of the ancient Chinese medical knowledge was preserved into modern times. Until the introduction of Western medicine Chinese medicine was considered the standard for millions of Asian people. In 1949 Mao Zedong, leader of the communist revolution, ultimately established the Department of Chinese medicine and worked to encourage evidence based practice of Chinese medicine.

It was in 1979 when the World Health Organization (WHO) first suggested that acupuncture might be helpful with 43 different conditions. Almost 20 years later the National Health Institute issued a similar consensus stating that acupuncture showed promise in treating nausea related to chemotherapy or surgery, and that acupuncture might be beneficial to many other conditions. Finally in 2003 the world health organization conducted 255 controlled clinical trials which concluded that acupuncture was proven effective for 28 conditions and might be effective for 63 more conditions (but that further testing was needed). Furthermore the 2003 study suggested that acupuncture was worth trying for several other disease (like IBS) because conventional medicine offered few options.   There are several different styles of balancing but perhaps the most frequently taught in America is the 5 elements system of balancing. Your Honolulu acupuncture practitioner will not see your conditions as a Western medical term such as 'fibromylagia' but will instead identify your pattern of disharmony according to the individual symptoms that are presented.